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A Little Bit About Me...          " UNDER CONSTRUCTION"


I'm an independent diving instructor. I teach SCUBA.


My goal is to teach you how to dive in a safe pursuit of your love for the under water world. And to do it in a way that is suited to your learning style, educational needs, adventure level, and SAFE!  We develop a course of learning together - based on your needs and expectations.  Concierge means tailored for you, by you, and directed and facilitated by me.


I am a PADI, SDI/TDI/ERDI, & SSI Credentialed Instructor. I also teach EMS classes.


I grew up with a pool in my backyard.  The Mississippi River was 4 blocks away. Water was not an issue for me.  Until I met the Pacific Ocean in which I almost drown, I stayed away, ... AND BECAME TERRIFIED OF THE OCEAN!!!!


Until......My mother needed a diving buddy.  I didn't like the idea, but was attracted to the idea of a paid Caribbean vacation.  The end.  I met a knowledgeable PADI DiveMaster,Tony, who through knowledge and practice, turned my fear into a love affair.  


Taking classes and learning about the environment helped my fear & made me a better diver. Knowledge overcomes fears, practice of skills, and a healthy respect for the environment play a part in that as well.


My goal as an instructor is to provide you with the foundation and knowledge in the interests that you seek in the diving world, and to facilitate that knowledge in a manner that is comfortable with your learning style.  Contact me to make your diving experience an adventure with your needs in mind.


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